Biomass and Forest Waste

Committed to getting results with sustainability, Araupel leverages all stages of its forestry and industrial processes. Throughout the company’s history, all wood waste has become new products, used as raw material and inputs for several market segments.

Biomass is organic matter that can be used for energy production. It is an indirect form of solar energy as it results from the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis. That is, the use of wood waste (biomass) for thermal and electrical energy generation replaces fossil fuels. This contributes to reducing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and, consequently, the greenhouse effect, as it is a clean and renewable energy source.


 Araupel invested his knowledge in sustainability and technology to provide the market with an innovative product. Check out the possibilities that Araupellet offers:

  •  Being a greener and more compact product than other fuels, pellets are considered an excellent alternative to generate heat in boilers and burners of large and small businesses such as hotels, pizzerias, offices and residences;
  •  It has low cost compared to thermal energy sources such as diesel, gas and fossil fuels;
  • Recognized by IBAMA as an environmentally friendly fuel;
  • Safety and quality are part of its DNA. No risk of explosion, smell or smoke, resulting in total product burn.

Technical Information:

Diameter: 6mm
Moisture: less than 10%
Calorific power: above 4,600kcal / kg
Ash: less than 0.7%
Fine: less than 1%
Density: greater than 600kg / m³

Forest Waste

Green Woodchips

Green woodchips are used to generate heat energy (steam) and electric energy for freezers (poultry and swine slaughterhouses), cellulose and paper industries, food industries in general such as soybean oil, sausages, grain drying, animal food industry, margarines, breaded products, pasta, etc.

Dry Woodchips

Dry woodchips come from dry wood processing and are used to generate heat and electric energy, as well as green woodchips.

Wood Shavings

Wood shavings are used in aviary beds and after that are sent to the tiltages in order to be used as organic compost in several cultures.

Knotty Blocks

They are separated and used as door cores.

Pine Bark

Pine bark is used as compost and substrate for ornamental plants cultivation and/or seedlings to be reforested and to generate steam for the kiln dryers.

Wood Dust

Wood dust is used for ceramics, for burnt clay in the tile and brick manufacturing process due to its high heat power (3.850 kcal/kg) and easy combustion (explosion).