Discover our line of products for casings, base mouldings, crowns and picture frames.

Door Components

Araupel offers a complete line of wooden frames and components for the internal structure of the door leaves.

Trim Boards and Wall Systems

Araupel produces trim board and wall systems with reforested pine wood, in the finger-jointed system.


Araupel supplies components for stairs, windows and furniture for manufacturers and home centers.

Araupel works globally with activities aimed at high value wood products processing business. The company composed of 100% Brazilian capital, stands out in exporting mouldings, panels, door, window, stair and furniture components, mainly for the European and North American markets.

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Casings · Base Mouldings · Crowns · Picture Frame Mouldings

Edge Glued Panels

 Customized Packaging and Specifications

Sawn Wood and Logs

Planed Wood · Sawn Wood · Logs

Door Components

Door Jambs · Flat Jambs · Door Frames · Stiles and Rails


Stairs · Windows · Furniture 



Trim Board and Wall Planks

T&G and S4S Boards

Finger-Jointed Blanks

Blanks FJ · Edged Glue Blanks · Cutstocks

Biomass and Forest Waste

Wood residues for thermal and electrical energy generation.

Innovation and sustainability for a quality thermal energy generation.

Araupel invested all their knowledge in sustainability and technology to bring you this completely new product.