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Araupel, committed to obtaining results with sustainability, uses all stages of its forest and industrial processes. Throughout our history, all the wood residues turned out into new products, used as raw material and input for several market segments.

Biomass is all organic material that can be used to produce energy. It is an indirect form of solar energy, once it results from the conversion of solar energy into chemical energy by photosynthesis. That is to say, using wood residues (biomass) to generate heat and electric energy is one of the forms of substituting fossil fuels which contributes to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere and consequently reduces the greenhouse effect, since it is a clean and renewable energy source.



Araupel invested all their knowledge in sustainability and technology to bring you this completely new product. Check out and be amazed by the possibilities that Araupellet has to offer:

  • It’s a compact and green product compare with other fuels, the pellets are considered a great alternative to generate heat in boilers and burners of large and small business like hotels, pizzerias, offices and homes;
  • Has low cost compared with thermal energy sources such as diesel, gas and fossil fuels that have inevitable extinction;
  • Product recognized by IBAMA like an environmental friendly fuel;
  • Safety and quality are part of its DNA. It presents no risk of explosion, smell or smoke, resulting in the total burning of the product.



Diameter: 6mm
Humidity: less than 10%
Calorific value: above 4.600kcal / kg
Ash: less than 0.7%
Thin: less than 1%
Density: more than 600 kg / m³