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Privately Owned Nature Reserve (RPPN) – Corredor do Iguaçu

Araupel has the tutelage of a Privately Owned Nature Reserve (RPPN) – Corredor do Iguaçu – one of the major reserves of the Atlantic Forest biome in the southern region of Brazil. Being considered a high conservation value forest, the company took the initiative to commit itself to the maintenance of one of the last ecosystems of this forest and to develop protection and maintenance actions of the 12.728 acres. This land shelters a great biodiversity, flora and fauna threatened or in danger of becoming extinct, data certified on the basis of native inventory and animal survey.

RPPN has brought social environmental benefits to the region since its conception, as the water resource protection flows into the reservoirs of the power plants in Salto Osório and Salto Santiago, preventing the silting and guaranteeing the energy potential.

In addition, RPPN is responsible for the ecologic ICMS generation for the cities of Nova Laranjeiras and Rio Bonito do Iguaçu, an incentive foreseen by law for environment preservation.