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– Project: Mammal Fauna in Araupel Privately Owned Nature Reserve (RPPN), in a silvicultural operation array of pine and eucalyptus.

Objective: to determine medium and large bodied mammals in the RPPN area.

Project: Impacts in Forest Harvesting soil:

Objective: to evaluate the impact in forest harvesting about the soil physical characteristics, as well as the necessary time for it to recover from the heavy machinery traffic, thinning out and clear cuts during Pine taeda planting. Besides the project also quantifies and monitors possible changes in the harvest activities due to the results found.

– Project: Native Inventory of High Cost Conservation Forest:

The project has the objective to inventory and monitor the RPPN remainder vegetation area – Corredor do Iguaçu – and take a flower survey of the existing vegetation which characterizes all the forest extracts.

– Environmental Project – Forest Management

Forest Management Plan

Forest Management Plan – Public Summary


Forest Management Plan (PDF file)