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Fauna and Flora

Araupel native forest is composed of mixed ombrophilous forest (also known as Araucaria Forest) in transition with the semi deciduous broadleaved forest, having species such as cedar, peroba and angico as samples. In the encounter of these two ecosystems, fauna and flora species of the two formations coexist giving the region a great biodiversity.

The presence of large cats is a safe indicator of high quality environment once their presence indicates that food is able to be found in nature. Several species threatened of extinction, such as the tapir, the deer, the brown leopard and the jacutinga bird among others, are checked by means of a project of environmental research.

Araupel monitors these areas through native inventory project to protect the native ecosystems with the sole purpose of verifying dynamics of the local vegetation including data about the abundance or scarcity of the species.

Some species photographed in the Araupel area can be seen below: