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About Us

In 1972, two traditional wood companies in business since the 1910’s, Madeireira Giacomet S.A. and Marodin S.A. Exportação, got together and started Giacomet-Marodin Indústria de Madeiras S.A., acquiring land in Southeastern Paraná. In 1997, the enterprise changed its name to Araupel S.A.

Today Araupel works globally with activities aimed at high value wood products processing business. Recognized by its criteria of quality, the company composed of 100% Brazilian capital, stands out in exporting mouldings, panels, door, stair and furniture components, mainly for the European and North American markets.

Araupel has in its own forests species such as Araucaria angustifolia, Pine taeda and Eucalyptus grandis which extends throughout the cities of Quedas do Iguaçu, Rio Bonito do Iguaçu, Nova Laranjeiras and Espigão Alto do Iguaçu. The company has industrial branch in Quedas do Iguaçu/PR, Guarapuava/PR and the administrative head office in Porto Alegre/RS – Brazil.


MISSION: to be the best option in forest transformation, with enthusiasm, generating customer, shareholder and employee satisfaction, with social and environmental responsibility.

VISION: to be the best sustainable alternative in transformation and supply of wood based products for building, housing and furniture industry all over the world.

BUSINESS: to transform self-sustainable forests in value-added components for building, housing and furniture industry all over the world.

QUALITY POLICY: “Satisfy customers, shareholders and employees through the continuous improvement of processes, ensuring the final quality of manufactured products.”


  • Business transparency
  • Ethics in relationships
  • Innovation
  • Focus on results
  • Human valorization
  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Team spirit