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Araupel celebrates another international quality certificate

Thursday, July 21st 2016

ISO 9001 is a strategic component that defines requirements to Quality management systems, standardizing operations, promotes monitoring and tracking of process which, following the organizational hierarchy model, favors a better integration between the different sectors of the company.

Araupel already manifested interest on this certification in 2010, when it began the description of procedures and work instructions accordingly to the methods of ISO 9001, as remembered by the quality system supervisor Vilmar Brasil: “A certain period of time was needed to adapt to the standards and gather the necessary documents. When ISO 2015 became a reality, it simplified the process.”

SGS, a company with more than 85.000 employees worldwide and globally recognized for its quality of process inspections, was responsible for the auditing that was done last June. The efforts of teams were the highlight of this inspection, as indicated by integrated management system coordinator, Sergio Possato: “The collaborators really pushed themselves in every step of the process and this way we could overcome myths and difficulties. I am sure we are on the right path for continued improvement.”

Following the ideals of continuous improvement, the next step will be the extension of the ISO 9001 certification and the Balanced Scorecard indicators to the new Guarapuava plant. “After that, we will implement 5S and Lean Manufacturing simultaneously on the two units, and then we will be ready to compete to Parana Quality Trophy in 2018” reported the industrial director of the company, Antônio Carlos Sá.

ISO 9001 is applied in more than 170 countries and have more than a million certified companies.

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